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My Irish 34 is a small floor standing harp, with features typical of modern Irish or Scottish lever harps. By carefully balancing all important factors I have developed a small harp that doesn't sound "small." The volume of the soundbox is maximized by extending it up and around the connection of the harp neck. This is also a secure and trouble free way of stabilizing the assembly. This harp, although I would not encourage you to mistreat it, is a very sturdy instrument which will serve you well through all your adventures. The T form of the pillar and the hatchet shaped harmonic curve are traditional Irish design features. The Celtic decorations are reminiscent of those seen on the McFall harps made in Dublin in the 19th century, and are standard features on this model only. The wood used for the harp is alder wood. Alder wood is light weight and has the vibrational properties perfectly suited for this instrument. And, it looks great!

Standard features:

  • Seven staved soundbox, 5 ply laminated neck and pillar unit
  • Solid spruce soundboard, carefully thicknessed for best resonance
  • Celtic decorations printed in vibrant colors on vinyl base for durability
  • Clear, clean sound from fluorocarbon strings, steelcore in bass octave, bottom note C.
  • Proper tension and string spacing for good technique.
  • Loveland sharping levers.
  • Very portable, comfortable to play.
  • Lightweight travel case.
  • Total weight of harp in case is about 20 lbs. Harp alone is about 14 lbs, and stands 40 inches tall.
  • Base price of $4,500 includes the fitted case, a tuning wrench, and an extra string set.
  • This harp comes equipped with Kortier pickups installed. This enables you to play in any venue you might encounter, from an intimate gathering to filling a stadium. The sound is amazing.


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