Lyon & Healy single action electric pedal harp, 43 strings

As you may know, pedal harps can have both flat notes and sharp notes in addition to the naturals. A simpler form of the pedal harp has only sharps in addition to the naturals.With one row of sharping disks, it is called a single action harp, wheras most pedal harps have two rows of disks and are termed double action.

The tonalities available on a single action pedal harp are the same as lever harps are capable of.. If you want to play flat notes, you would tune the open string to the flat, and then by depressing the pedal it would be raised to the natural note, just as a lever harp does.The obvious advantage of a single action pedal harp over a lever harp is that all notes of that name change at once, and with a simple movement of your foot, instead of searching around on the neck of the harp to change the position of all levers involved with that note name. Single action pedal harps are significantly less expensive to manufacture than double action harps, but the modern symphonic literature demands rapid changes to all possible tonalities. As a result very few single action pedal harps are manufactured currently. But the instrument is a perfect tool for contemporary entertainment. It is lighter and more compact to transport than the typical pedal harp yet has more versiatility than any lever harp.

The harp I am offering for sale at the moment is an old Lyon & Healy single action that has been restored and repainted, and outfitted with pickups on all strings.

I have split the output into two circuits, bass and treble, with two output jacks.

Price of $6,800 includes dust cover and tuning wrench. To purchase, see instructions on Purchase Page

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