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Electric Lever Harps

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I now offer two types of pedal harp, to meet the needs of players in different situations-

The Single Action harp has the capability to raise each string by one half step. In other words, if you press down the C pedal, all your C strings will become C#'s. Or, if your open B strings are tuned to Bb and you press the B pedal down, all your Bb strings will instantly become B naturals. This is how lever harps work, by raising each string by one half step when the individual levers are moved. The Single Action harp simply alters all the strings with the same note name simultaneously, with one touch of your toe.

The Double Action pedal harp has the capability to raise each string by 2 half steps. The pedals, down at the floor level, have two notches to move to. The open strings are tuned to flats in all cases. With the pedal in the uppermost position, this is what you will hear. When you move a pedal to the first notch, all the strings with that note name will instantly be raised by one half step. You will be getting naturals. When you move the same pedal to the second notch, those strings will be raised by a second half step. You will be getting sharps on those strings.

If you play in high sound level environments, such as onstage with a band, it is likely that the soundbox of your harp is being vibrated by the sounds all around you. If you are amplified, which of course you need to be in this situation, then the stray vibrations acting on your soundbox are also being amplified, added to the harp sound. The result can range from an overall muddy tone to disturbing distortion, depending on the circumstances.

For this reason, a solid body harp is recommended to anyone doing popular music in live venues or the recording studio.