34 string acoustic lever harp, electronics added

This harp came to me as an acoustic harp, it appears to be an Asian clone of the L&H Ogden model, and a very good one. The quality of the materials and the workmanship is excellent. I have retrofitted it with my Kortier Harp Pickups and a set of fluorocarbon strings. The transformation was dramatic. This harp speaks well at all volumes, holds up under the most firm touch. The sound is full and clear, a perfect instrument for the pedal harpist who needs a small harp for certain gigs, and needs to be heard. The output jack on the lower right side contains a preamp, so you can simply plug an ordinary guitar cord in here, and plug the other end into any amp or house sound system.

The range is 34 strings, going down to the A more than two octaves below middle C. The levers are imported but work well (in tune) and are substantially made. It comes with a nice padded soft case which protects the harp well, and has the usual straps and pockets.

If you don't like the scorpion on the front of the harp, we can take that off and either replace it with something else or simply smooth over the surface and polish it up.

Free shipping included within the US!

Price of $3,000 includes case, extra set of strings, and tuning wrench. To purchase, see instructions on Purchase Page