Acoustic/Electric Pedal Harp

from Resonance Harp Co.

with Kortier pickups factory installed


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The Resonance Harp Company in St. Petersburg, Russia, offers this model- a versatile 40 string double action pedal harp suitable for many roles. The simple styling is elegant, perfect for a wedding or other formal event, yet equally at home in the band during the reception afterwards. The straight soundboard and compact size makes the harp easy to transport.

To build on this package, Kortier pickups have been installed at the factory to give you a bigger sound, much richer than most larger acoustic harps. The electronics could not be more harpist-friendly. You simply plug a guitar cord into the jack near the bottom of the harp and plug the other end into any amplifier or sound system. The sound is always balanced and "harp like."

For more inventive musicians, this harp can be connected to any guitar effects pedals you might have, or to a computer running MIDI controller software. If you often play acoustically, the electronics will never intrude. The power and capability is there if you need it, but unobtrusive if you don't.

The price of $12,500 includes a padded transport cover with full boot in addition to a nice zippered dust cover. This harp is available for delivery today in my shop in Duluth MN, but shipping can be arranged at minimal additional cost.

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