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"combining the expertise of two innovators in harpmaking"


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The Resonance Harp Company, based in St. Petersburg, Russia, draws on its long history of harpmaking and now utilizes the latest technology to produce top level instruments at very reasonable prices. David Kortier, based in Minnesota USA, is a master harpmaker who has been a pioneer in applying electronic technology to harps. The synthesis of these two companies has produced several exciting new harp models which are now available in North America as well as in Europe and beyond.

The Kortier Resonance model is a nimble 40 string double action pedal harp suitable for many roles. The simple styling is elegant, perfect for a wedding or other formal event, yet equally at home in the band during the reception afterwards. The straight soundboard makes the harp easier to transport yet the Kortier pickups give you a bigger sound, much richer than larger acoustic harps. The electronics could not be more harpist-friendly. You simply plug a guitar cord into the jack near the bottom of the harp and plug the other end into any amplifier or sound system. The sound is always balanced and "harp like." Of course, a bad amplifier or sound system can alter things, but rest assured that you will be delivering the cleanest and purest signal to any input.

For the more inventive musicians, the harp can be connected to any effects pedals or other gear that is on the market, and there is LOTS, ask any music store owner. If you often play acoustically, the electronics will never intrude. The power is there if you need it, but unobtrusive if you don't.

Here are some YouTube clips of this harp being played in two different styles-

J. S. Bach Italian Concerto performed by Andres Izmaylov

J. Francois Five finger sock blues performed by Andres Izmaylov

The price of $12,500 includes a padded transport cover with full boot in addition to a nice zippered dust cover. Shipping can be arranged at minimal additional cost.

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