Purchasing Information





To buy a harp, send me an email.

Describe the harp you want and I will respond, telling you if it is currently available for delivery. I will answer any questions you might have about the harp.

The balance is due when the harp is ready for delivery.

If you decide to make the purchase, I will email an invoice through Paypal for a deposit of $100. This deposit locks in the sale, and applies toward the purchase price of the harp, but is not refundable.

Harp purchases can be made by bank check (just pop a check in the mail) or direct bank transfer (preferred). Look online for options such as Transferwise, or Zelle, and use one that is convenient for you.

Once money has changed hands, if you wish to cancel your order, or return an instrument for any reason, any money due to you will be remitted immediately upon reselling your instrument.

I will notify you before shipment.

I ship harps worldwide. Unless stated otherwise, the price includes a lightweight foam travel case which protects the harp during shipment, and for many years after the purchase.



Materials, except strings, used in the making of harps are guaranteed to be free from defects for five years from purchase, excepting normal wear and accidental damage. Any electronic components are guaranteed for 90 days. I reserve the option of repairing or replacing any defective merchandise within these parameters. This will be done at no expense to the customer.

Used harps are guaranteed to be as described, and carry no warranty unless specified otherwise.



email: david@kortier.com

Shop location and mailing address:

1804 E. 3rd Street

Duluth MN