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MIDI is a digital language that electronic musical instruments use to communicate with each other and with other types of electronic gear. (The acronym stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface.) It is a worldwide standard, so all MIDI gear is compatible.

Most of us are familiar with keyboard synthesizers. By definition, the keyboard itself is a MIDI controller. Usually, there is also a synthesizer (sound producing module) built into these instruments. The keyboard controls the internal synthesizer using MIDI commands. With my harp and an inexpensive software program running on your computer a harpist can control any MIDI synthesizer using the harp instead of a keyboard.

To be clear- the pickups themselves do not send out the MIDI information. It is the MIDI software program inside your computer that does the work. The controller app receives the impulses from the harp strings, and reacts accordingly, and it is this stream of MIDI messages coming from the software app that activate your synthesizer.

Frequently Asked Questions about MIDI harps-

1.) What does a MIDI harp sound like?

The sound you hear when you play a MIDI harp is coming from the synthesizer that the harp is connected to, not from the harp itself. So, a MIDI harp has no sound, yet can sound like anything you wish.

2.) Can't I connect any electric harp to a synthesizer?

Results will vary. You must have a software program between your harp and your synthesizer, this software typically is installed on your PC. The more clear and clean the audio signal from the harp, the more accurate the MIDI tracking by the software will be. If using MIDI is important to you, it is worth it to have the best pickups on your harp, Kortier of course.

3.) Do I need any other equipment?

You will need to connect your harp to your computer using some sort of interface box or cables. Most computers have USB connectors available, and your Kortier electric harp has a 1/4 inch output connector, the same as an electric guitar. So you will shop for such an interface, music stores are happy to help you with this. If you make recordings you probably already have this equipment. Once the computer has done its work, the signal needs to come out of the computer and travel to your sound system. The same interface box will probably take care of this. Again, music stores are happy to help.